The Drive Behind Our Website

10 Jul 2015

For the first time ever, you now have access to an in-depth electronic parts catalogue for heritage models. This project, which offers information about parts for Bentley and Crewe-built Rolls-Royce models, has been a complex task for all the Heritage Team (not least Terry Lee, the Bentley Heritage Parts Manager)– but hugely rewarding nonetheless.

As many as 80% of all Bentley and Crewe-built Rolls-Royce models ever assembled are still in use today, so it is important to maintain the pedigree of each and every car. For all of these models there’s an extensive range of genuine parts available, which is why this website is so important to us.

Terry, like the other team members involved, is passionate about the project, and the ongoing provision of information in a rapidly developing digital world. “This project has brought the cataloguing of Heritage Parts into the 21st Century. The huge task of scanning, digitising, logging and cataloguing all of these parts is now almost complete. This is powerful information that customers told us they wanted access to. Therefore, it became our job to ensure that we could supply them and our specialist retailers with that valuable data.” says Terry.

This wasn’t a project that could be rushed. With parts information relating to over 120,000 chassis/VIN numbers, the site is both comprehensive and user-friendly, enabling you to send quotation requests to the Authorised Bentley Dealer of your choice. “We have taken our time to ensure that we get it right” says Terry. “This is a unique opportunity to gather and safeguard the material that makes Bentley what it is, and makes it unique.”

You can see the result of the work here – an extensive parts register for Bentley and Crewe-built Rolls-Royce models, enabling you to find every component linked to the specific model it fits. Terry and his team are certainly proud of the achievement, which goes a long way to securing the future of heritage models for generations to come.